LegionTools is a toolkit + UI that provides an easy way to recruit and route workers from Amazon Mechanical Turk to real-time and synchronous tasks.

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LegionTools provides an easy way to recruit and route workers from Amazon Mechanical Turk to synchronous real-time tasks.

LegionTools provides three key features for requesters:

Getting Started


  1. Clone LegionTools to a public web server with PHP 5.3 or higher.
  2. Install PHP’s SOAP extension. If you’re running PHP on Mac OS X or Windows, the extension is likely already installed.
    • For CentOS/RedHat: yum install php-soap
    • For Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install php-soap

      Warning: on Ubuntu, php-soap does not always install properly. You may have to also do the following:
      apt-get --purge remove php5*
      sudo apt-get install php5 php5-sqlite php5-mysql
      sudo apt-get install php-pear php-apc php5-curl
      sudo apt-get autoremove

  3. Modify LegionTools/config.php to contain the public URL of your LegionTools installation.
  4. Enter your Amazon Mechanical Turk keys when you see the login screen.
    → OR: add your keys to LegionTools/amtKeys.php, and add ?login=false to the URL to skip this process.
  5. Ensure that LegionTools/db and its contents has permissions 777.
  6. To allow workers to submit HITs, you can import LegionTools/mturk.js to your task page, and add a form element with id="mturk_form".
    → OR: add your own MTurk task-submit code.


Recruiting workers


Please cite the following work if your research used LegionTools:

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